Winter i*Pike LT

The Winter i*Pike LT is a new durable stud winter tire for use with LTR vehicles.

Introducing you to safer and more durable winter driving! Its totally different!

The innovative technology of 3D Design is based on 4 main grooves to ensure safety on wet roads, the pattern is designed to satisfy both hydroplaning performance and snow performance by adopting 3D Groove.

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Winter i*Pike LT

Center rib with high strength

Excellent weight supporting ability

Assistant Sipes

Maximize snow traction

Ice Edge

Adopt slit in the center groove to maximize ice braking performance

Wide lateral groove

Wide lateral groove maximize snow traction performance

3D Groove

Apply 3D groove to make snow and water flow fluent in the centre groove and improve performance in the snow and wet

3D shoulder block

Apply stairway-type 3D block to strengthen shoulder snow traction

6-Row Stud Pin

6-rows pin arrangement is adopted for good snow & ice traction performance with aggressive and stable block figure, both snow traction and heavy weight stability satisfied

Aggressive 2-in-1 Block

Block Wear-resistant performance improved