I*Pike RW11

‘Complete your Driving Conditions’

i*Pike RW11 takes the lead in stronger braking power and superior traction in snow condition.

More powerful driving and braking forces will give you confidence on wet or frozen roads. Hit the road on a winter day with the i*pike Rw11 and experience confidence.

  • The Winter Stud Tire for light trucks and SUV vehicles that provides the best traction and braking performance on snowy and icy roads

  • Maximized snow traction implemented with the Edge Block at center

  • Enhanced ice performance with the pin arrangement optimized through computer simulation

  • Features
  • Sizes

i*Pike RW11 features & contruction

Center Block

Block at the center area that consist of a series of rib form Improves snow & ice traction

Increased Kerf Center Block

Lateral kerf is adopted to maximize snow traction performance

Cliff Groove

Maximized snow adge effect on groove walls

Optimized Block Stiffness

Optimal block stiffness design technology is applied through the combination of the wave & step kerf for the handling performance optimal for SUV and LT applications.

6-rows Stud Pin Arrangement

6-rows pin arrangement is adopted for the top class snow & ice traction performance Minimized noise by optimized pin arrangement

Variable Step Groove

Precise & Stable Cornering
A tiered groove is applied, which makes a moving angle of the tread block smaller compared to the existing product non-tiered groove when cornering, to secure safer cornering running performance.

Stone Ejector

Stone ejectors in the center and shoulder grooves help prevent tire damage from stones or external impacts and enhances handling confidence.

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