Hankook Winter I*cept RS: A safety expert for the cold season

  • Winter i*cept RS with optimised braking performance on ice and snow

  • Excellent traction on wet and dry roads

  • Eco-friendly technologies for low rolling resistance

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 27 September 2011 Hankook presents its new winter tyre, i*cept RS at this year’s Motor Show in Frankfurt. The tyre has been specially designed for vehicles ranging from small city vehicles, compact and medium-sized limousines to station wagons and family vans and optimised for the moderate climate of Central and Western Europe. It stands out with its particularly reliable and stable handling characteristics on wet, snowy, slushy and also dry roads.

"Our new winter tyre marks the beginning of a new generation and a new era of our company's winter tyre range", says Jin-Wook Choi, Hankook Tire Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Europe. "The i*cept range and the RS as the latest development for the European market are strictly in line with future ecological requirements. Their breakthrough technologies provide best-in-class performance in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability while meeting the most challenging safety standards. Winter i*cept RS therefore classifies as a worthy successor to our million-selling Icebear W440 which, after all, was awarded with top marks by the ADAC, the largest German automobile association."

The directional, V-shaped 5-rib tread design of Hankook's Winter i*cept RS features 14% more kerfs. Enhanced traction on all surfaces is achieved as the kerfs are arranged in additional angles (lateral) ranging from 0° in the center-tread to 15° in the shoulder area of the tyre. A wider tread compared to the previous model, increases the contact patch thus significantly enhancing the tyre’s performance, particularly on icy roads. Moreover, the grip on snow and slush is substantially improved by blocks in a staggered arrangement along the middle of the tread. Last but not least, the corrugated 3D kerfs increase traction and braking performance on all smooth surfaces.

The entirely new design of the high-grip full-silica compound assures the tread stays elastic even at very low temperatures, thus providing excellent traction and braking power. Four main grooves quickly drain the water away from the bottom of the profile. They interact with the flow-enhanced V-tread to efficiently prevent hydroplaning on wet winter roads.

Further benefits include a longer tread life as well as significantly reduced rolling resistance (-8% compared to conventional profiles). This allows for more fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Taking block design one step further by revising the angles in the ribs resulted in a significant reduction of the tyre noise. Hankook's Winter i*cept RS thus supports enhanced driving experience inside the car and emits less noise to the environment.

Hankook's Winter i*cept RS is developed to meet future labelling requirements set by the European Union. Its design is focussed on the labelling criteria “wet grip”, “rolling resistance” and “tyre noise” shall be effective in the EU as of 2012.

* Kontrol Technology

Derived from the English terms Kinetic (for movement) and Control (for control), Hankook Tire Kontrol Technology reflects the best possible controllability of the interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the road by the tyres during the journey. Kontrol Technology has been developed in order to provide the vehicle driver with all currently available benefits of the latest Hankook tyre technology in terms of safety, driving characteristics, comfort and environmental compatibility.


Technical Characteristics of the Hankook I*cept RS

1. High Grip Silica Mixing-Technology:

- Newly developed silica compound for high traction and braking performacne in wintery conditions - Reduced braking distance compared to conventional treads: 3,4% on snowy and 9,6% on icy roads

- High milage and rolling resistance reduced by 8 % compared to conventional treads

2. Lateral 4-groove tread-design with zig-zag-centre grooves:

- Water and slush are effectively drained away to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve wet braking performance

- Significantly increased traction on snowy and slushy roads


3. Multi-angle-kerf-technology:

- A notably increased number of kerfs arranged in angles from 0° to 15 ° to guarantee a significant increase in snow and ice traction

4. Extra wide tread pattern amd increased number of kerfs:

- Contact patch maximised for increased ice traction

- 14 % more kerfs for high snow grip

5. Available sizes:

- The Hankook Winter i*cept RS is available in all relevant sizes amd dimensions for vehicles ranging from small compact and medium-sized limousines to station wagons and family vans in speed indexes T and H partly as extra load (XL) version.