Hankook Icebear W440 "specially recommended"


Hankook Icebear W440 winter tyre awarded the top mark as "specially recommended" by the ADAC, OEAMTC and TCS


  • 18 brands of winter tyre in sizes 205/55 R 16 for VW Golf and similar vehicles tested
  • Only 5 tyres received the top mark from the ADAC, OEAMTC and TCS
  • Hankook Icebear W440 "very good in all criteria relating to safety"


Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 30th September 2009 – In the great ADAC 2009 winter tyre test, the Hankook Icebear W440 was awarded the top mark "specially recommended". The reason given for the testers of the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club – German Automobile Club) awarding the top mark to the Icebear W440, produced in the brand-new European Hankook tyre factory in Hungary, was the very good results of the Hankook winter tyre in all criteria relating to safety. In addition, according to the testers from the largest German automobile club, who carried out this test together with the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (OEAMTC) and also the Swiss Touring Club (TCS), the Icebear was considered to be a "very well-balanced tyre".

The tyre testers of the ADAC, OEAMTC and TCS continually emphasised this balance as a measure of their stated purchasing recommendation. It is this highly-weighted balance which is the great strength of the already proven Hankook Icebear W440, as it delivers the required performance in all weather situations which occur in the winter, whether on snow or ice, on dry surfaces or in the wet. Here in the decisive discipline of any and every tyre test, the Icebear achieved joint top marks in the whole field, outperforming many established brands. Whether in wet braking or in the aquaplaning assessment, in wet handling or the lateral stability which is essential when taking bends: the Hankook Icebear W440 displayed no weaknesses.

Although neglected in many other comparative tests, the winter tyre test conducted by the ADAC, OEAMTC and TCS also takes into account the results for comfort and tyre noise in the assessment. In these characteristics too, the Hankook Icebear W440 showed its best side. Not only does it spoil its owner with great comfort, but also produces the lowest noise pollution of any competitor in the field, which is of particular benefit to the environment.

"Although our Icebear W440 is already a tried-and-tested winter tyre", explains Jin-Wook Choi, Executive Vice-President of Hankook Tire and Head of European Operations, "it is clear from this recent test that it is still amongst the best in the entire field. We are particularly pleased that, in addition to the pure safety aspects in all weathers, it also scores points in terms of comfort and noise. This once again confirms the effectiveness of the global Hankook Kontrol-Technology development philosophy 1)."

The Icebear W440 has been designed with the SCCT system (Stiffness Control Contour Theory), patented by Hankook, for improved handling characteristics and greater durability. The tyre contour optimised with the aid of finite element analysis also ensures very good winter characteristics and comparatively low tyre wear. Equipped with an unidirectional, flow-optimised V-profile thermo-elastic full silica tread compound, the Hankook Icebear W440 is available in speed indices Q (-160 km/h) to H (-210 km/h) and in sizes ranging from 135/80 R 13 to 205/55 R 16, in many cases also as an extra-load version. With 47 available sizes, it covers a very wide range of tyre models from micro-cars to small cars and the compact class, and on to faster medium-range saloons and combi-models.


Technical characteristics of the Hankook Icebear W440

1. Excellent product quality for safe driving in winter:
- The solid steel belt assembly ensures an accurate steering response and long tyre life
- The high-strength jointless bead wire provides driving stability and durability, even at high speeds


2. Improved winter characteristics:

- The compact, multi-kerf shoulder guarantees excellent lateral stability without impairing the dry handling characteristics
- The computer-optimised unidirectional tread pattern delivers excellent braking performance and high straight stability even on snow-covered surfaces


3. Outstanding wet characteristics:
- The use of silica in the tread compound maximises grip level on wet roads, whilst simultaneously reducing the rolling resistance
- Wide tread grooves ensure effective clearance of water and slush


4. Very good driving characteristics on dry surfaces and higher mileage:
- The patented Hankook SCCT technology provides a more even pressure distribution in the footprint for shorter braking distances, reduced wear and better handling characteristics.



1) Kontrol Technology
Derived from the English terms Kinetic (for movement) and Control (for control), Hankook Tire Kontrol Technology reflects the best possible controllability of the interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the road by the tyres during the journey. Kontrol Technology has been developed in order to provide the vehicle driver with all currently available benefits of the latest Hankook tyre technology in terms of safety, driving characteristics, comfort and environmental compatibility.